Ready to OWN this whole “adulting” thing?
Eager to make your mark on the world?
Wanna learn what every 30-something wishes they knew when they were in their teens and 20s?



Imagine for a sec: 

  • Never worrying about "what's next?" or wondering "where is my life going?" 

  • Managing your stress, anxiety or depression before it gets outta control

  • Knowing how to handle your money and not stressing about where it all went

  • Waking up with purpose and passion everyday

  • Feeling healthier than you have in a LONG time

  • Recognizing and transforming your bad habits

  • Refusing to "settle" in relationships

  • Never feeling like you have to "keep up" or "compete" on social media 

  • Discovering and utilizing your special gifts and talents to make your mark on the world

Leah Carol - Life Coach - Life Coaching - Love

Sounds good, doesn't it?
Now what if you could have someone by your side, teaching, mentoring and coaching you through all of it? 
Even better. Right?

Lucky you.
You found me.

I'm not your mom.
I'm not a therapist.

Leah Carol - Life Coach - Life Coaching - Life Coach for Teenagers - Testimonial


Together, we’ll cover areas such as:

- Time management (how to focus, the myth of multi-tasking, prioritizing) 

- Self-confidence (how to create it when you don't have it)

- Stress Management (pinpointing the cause, self-awareness, mindfulness techniques) 

- Personal Finance (smart banking/savings/checking practices)

- Health and fitness (which includes food and sleep)

- Soft-skills (critical observation, problem solving, adaptability, personal accountability)

- Thought process (thoughts-beliefs-actions/inactions-results)

- Failure/Rejection/Perfection (they mean what we make them mean)

- Relationships (self-talk, setting boundaries, knowing your worth)

- Habits (transforming the bad ones to good ones)

Leah Carol - Life Coach - Life Coaching - Outdoors

Leah Carol - Life Coach - Life Coaching - Life Coach for Millennials

To everyone else it may look like you’re rocking it.

On the inside though, you may feel like you’re in a constant struggle to keep up with friends, work, appearances, social events, with no end in sight, or maybe you feel like the career path you're on may not be the one for you after all...and some of you are thinking "I DON'T EVEN HAVE PATH!" 

Guess what?

There's nothing’s wrong with you! 

There are just so many things that you don’t know that you don’t know about getting past where you ARE and into where you WANT TO BE.

The way forward is to follow a proven path to generating the outcome you desire, with expert guidance, a shift in mindset, and a lot of love. 

It starts with a decision.

You in?


You are here for a reason.
You have a purpose.
We need you.

Let's do this. 


Leah Carol - Life Coach - Life Coaching - Outdoors