Meditation for Beginners


Meditation for Beginners


This meditation training is created for the ULTIMATE beginner or someone who has "never been able to do it right" 

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You've heard the hype about how incredible meditation can be for stress, anxiety, sleep, depression, focus, creativity...the list goes on and on. Learn how EASY meditation can be with 5 days worth of (short!) video instruction AND a 21-Day Meditation Workbook so you can track your progress. Creating good habits now pay dividends for your future.

Get control of your mind so you can:
- Reduce your overall fear, stress and anxiety
- Stay calm and collected in times of sudden stress
- Become more "go with the flow" rather than freaking out over changed plans
- Say adios to mood swings and temper tantrums
- Fall asleep faster and without your brain spinning for hours
- Increase your ability to focus on projects and tasks
- Boost your moments of clarity so you speed up decision-making time
-  Enhance your creativity