You want a rockin' bod - you get a personal trainer.
You want a rockin' life - you get a LIFE COACH.

Do you desire to live a life of purpose and impact while reducing your stress and anxiety?


It's easy to get lost in the mundane day-to-day activities of life.
I TOTALLY get it.
We're so busy trying to do, have and be it all that we completely lose track of what's actually important to us. 
This dissatisfaction can lead to a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety and general unhappiness.


Leah Carol - Life Coach- Washington DC - Park


Life coaching is about taking stock of your WHOLE life to see what's working and what's not, where the "happy" is missing and where the stress is overbearing...

- THEN -

we get really clear on goals, create a plan and get busy implementing it. 


Trust me, I know you’ve always wanted more freedom, financial abundance, a higher quality of life, to have a greater impact on the world, feel more confident, and experience more joy, purpose and fulfillment.

Who doesn't?!

But I also understand that overwhelm and lack of clarity can stall you from ever taking action. However, when you have a knowledgeable Coach to help you get clear on what's happening in your life from your habits to your mindset and help you take the the necessary steps to create fast results...TOTAL GAME CHANGER!

It all starts with YOU making a decision to say "yes" to a bigger and brighter future.


Specialties include: stress, anxiety, depression, life balance, relationship coaching, communication, leadership training, self-confidence, mindfulness/meditation, health and fitness, discovering life's purpose - and many more! 


Leah Carol Life Coach