Ready to Rock  Your Own World?

Step into my arena and see a whole new world of possibilities. You’ll have more confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve incredible things in your life. You’ll transform into someone who has that “it” factor.  You’ll stop with the excuses and actually pursue your goals rather than simply talking about "one day." You’ll never doubt answers to big decisions in life because you’ll know how to tap into the clarity that is always available to you.


Hey there! I’m Leah I am a Life and Mindset Coach for motivated individuals who desire more in life, refuse to settle for the status quo, want to make "one day" today!

Losing my mom to cancer, coming to terms that I was in a career I was no longer passionate about and starting my own business, the past few years have been a doozy. The only way I have been to not only stay sane, but to THRIVE, is to doing the internal self-work. Our outward success depends directly on our inward work.

So many times we want to avoid the inward work at all cost, but unless you dive into your mindset, your success and happiness will be severely limited.


I’m here to make that process as easy as possible. I help people move forward by taking action, while simultaneously digging deep to uncover any current and future barriers faced.

Happiness, self-esteem, creativity, fun, clarity, joy, adventure, abundance, connectedness, purpose, radiance, spontaneity, love, peace, well-being, smiles, hugs, vacations, harmony, calm, inner-peace, excitement, pride...are all yours for the taking!
(If you don’t believe me, that’s a mindset barrier.)


If you need to retrain your brain, adjust your attitude, or reset your mindset here are a few ways I can help you:


Need a pick me up? My blog is filled with helpful content whether you need to up your self-care or forgive yourself for a recent failure. 

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Leah has a spark and magnetism that isn’t easy to find. She pushes me to explore celebrate the peaks and to brave the pits. - Emily F.