What do you call the “good” voice in your head?

Do you call it your intuition? Your higher-self? Your soul? Your instinct?

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No matter what you call it, you know what it is. It’s the voice that always knows the answer despite your brain (read: ego) trying to rationalize a “practical” one.  It’s the voice that tells you when something is “off”.  It’s the voice that always wants you to act on the side of love or kindness.  It’s the voice that often gets silenced by our constant distraction of social media, overcommitments, work, Netflix, or trying to keep up appearances because, let’s be real, “obsessive comparison disorder” is a real thing these days.


Over the New Year holiday, I was able to spend time with one of my dear soul-sisters who was in town. We, of course, talked about all things having to do with the Universe, mindfulness and genuine connection.


She had been really struggling with a big life decision because either way she knew everything would work out and be fine. It wasn’t one of those “good things will happen if you choose this" / “bad things will happen if you choose this” kind of decision.  She would be totally fine either way.  It was more of a decision on what direction she wanted her life to take.


I asked her how she finally made her decision and she said, “I wrote to my intuition.”


Wait. What?


She stated, “I basically got out my journal and said, ‘Ok, intuition, what do you want to tell me? Why am I having such a hard time deciding this?’ and I just started writing.”


She said what came out made so much sense and she was able to understand her blocks and why she was afraid to make a move in either direction.  It suddenly became so clear.


I told her that the same voice talks to me when I meditate, but that I’d give it a try.

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So a couple of days later, during my regular morning journal sesh, I said, “Ok, what do you want me to know?” I took a deep breath and started to write.


“First of all, Leah, you need to relax,” was the first thing my hand wrote. (Haha! It knows me well.)


I then went on to write for about another 10 minutes where I just wrote everything the “good voice” was telling me.


To be brutally honest,  tears welled up doing this exercise. It’s one thing hearing the voice in your head, but it’s another thing giving it structure and a physical presence on paper. Everything that your higher-self wants you to know is now on paper, in front of you.  It is quite a powerful thing to see.


I now do this activity at the end of every journal sesh and I HIGHLY encourage you to do it. If you can do it regularly, GREAT!  If you only do it when you really need some soul guidance on your next move, AWESOME!  Just TRY it.


Leah Carol DC Life Coach - intuition







Here’s a warning for you: Your ego WILL  jump in and say “that’s not true, that’s just your brain talking” or “you’re only writing what you want it to say” or better yet, “when did you become one of those people who started to do all this woo-woo crap?” Let me tell you, it will be there fighting against every action you take to connect with your soul/higher-self/intuition/instinct.  It thrives on disconnection. The more connected you are with yourself, the less power your ego has.


When you desire clarity, REAL clarity, you must go within and not rationalize yourself out of the answer it tells you.


So I’m challenging you to try it this week.  Whenever you have a moment, whether it be laying in bed at night or sitting at your desk at work, get your favorite gel pen, get quiet, listen and write.


We can greatly reduce our stress and anxiety when we stop ignoring what our instincts are telling us.

 Writing to your intuition
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