How often do you monitor the words that come out of your mouth?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably not often. Yet, we know words have an immense amount of power and energy behind them.  I mean, think about it - we have a bajillion thoughts in our head, a lot of them unimportant ones.  We talk about the important ones, but some of our deepest thoughts we tend to keep to ourselves.


Because when we say them out loud, when we give thoughts spoken energy, they take on a new form. They almost become real, or have the potential to become real, and that can be kinda scary.

Perhaps you’ve always thought about starting a business because you have a really great idea or are really into serving people. The moment you say it out loud, you now face the possibility of someone asking, “So when are you going to start your business?” or “Have you started your business yet?” Spoken words hold us accountable whether we like it or not and sometimes we just don’t like being held accountable. Our “wants” many times show themselves as “kinda wants” because we know we get the things we REALLY WANT.


Words really do contain power and energy and have the power to totally shift our thinking as well.

For example, rather than saying, “I have so many errands to run this week” say “I get to run my errands this week.” I know more than one person that wishes they had the health and/or freedom to do so, like my Gma who isn't allowed to drive anymore. 

If you find yourself thinking, “I have to travel for work this week” try “I get to travel for work this week.”  

A couple of weekends ago, during my annual "sister trip" we went hiking in less-than-perfect weather.  We reached the end of the trail and my sister yelled, "We made it to the end of the trail!" 

I immediately looked around and said, "Where's the car?" 

Leah Carol - Teen Life Coach - Arizona

She laughed and said, "Leah, it's not a loop, we have to walk back."  

UGHHHHH. Why is life so harrrrrd???!

We started the trek back and after a few minutes, I remembered that I had just drafted this blog. I said, out loud, we don't "HAVE" to walk back, we GET to walk back."  Then it really made me thankful that none of us had tripped or broken something where we couldn't actually walk back and that we are all in great shape, our legs work... all that kinda stuff, so...what's another couple of miles? I'm in no way telling you all the annoyance of things and situations go away, but it does lessen it a little. Take the little victory. 

Leah Carol Teen Life Coach - Arizona

Monitoring the words coming out of your mouth can totally change your mindset and shift your energy.  

It shifts you from a place of victimhood (I have to) to a place of gratitude (I get to).  


Shift baby, shift!


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