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Last week, I talked about “what to do when you think you can’t.”  Often, we think we can’t do something because it seems so scary or insurmountable that we either become paralyzed, avoid it, or run from it.


First of all, let me tell you that there is nothing you can’t do.


You were put on this earth to grow and stretch yourself as much as possible.  You will continually face challenges and setbacks, but you know those are just moments of growth.


Whenever you feel yourself overcome with self-doubt and fear, you must recognize that’s just your brain talking, not necessarily reality.  It’s saying, “No, that seems too hard and uncertain.  We’ll stay nice and safe right here.”

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That gets you NOWHERE!


You must challenge those thoughts.  Before I really started to challenge my thinking, I was insecure at work, in relationships, and at my ability to achieve and be successful.


But not anymore.  As I actively monitor what’s going through my head, particularly when it’s going crazy, I’m able to decipher the real from imagined threats.  Even the “real” threats usually aren’t so bad.  Before, I was terrified of messing up, being embarrassed, coming across a certain way, or not being liked.  Those things still pop up, but now they don’t bother me because I continually pushed through when my brain told me to turn back.  Now I’m challenging myself in bigger and better ways.


When you hear those thoughts of self-doubt creep in, you’ve got to stare that shit in the face and say, “I hear you, but we’re doing this.  We CAN do this.”


And here’s the kicker: you MUST do it because otherwise your brain will know it won and continue fighting you to keep you in your safe little box.


I mean, come on, you never looked good in that box anyway.


It’s time for a mindset revolution.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes.  The little daily battles will win the war.


So, I want you comment below and tell me what it is you THINK you can’t, why that is, and what you are going to do when those asinine thoughts come up.


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