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Do you consider yourself a resilient person, someone who can get back up after life throws you to the ground? Are you someone who is willing to love again after a terrible break up? Are you the type of person that when Plan A doesn’t work, you don’t moan and groan, but immediately start to get busy with Plan B?

If you answered, “yes” GREAT!

If you answered “no” it’s ok, because you CAN be that person.

Resiliency isn't something you're were born with, but it's a skill you learn. 

Resilient people don't dwell on the negativity of a situation. Instead of wallowing, they rise to the occasion because they believe in their own strength and ability to surmount any problem. 

They remind themselves that they can do hard things.


You can too and you must remind yourself of this. 

Say it out loud to yourself daily.

Leah Carol- Life Coach for Millennials - Hard Things


Your self talk is and always will be one of the biggest hurdles or biggest advantages in life. What we say about ourselves over and over we come to believe and those beliefs manifest themselves in how we live our life. You want to do hard things? Start saying to yourself that you can. 

It’s so funny because we’ve been raised to think talking to yourself is some sort of sign of insanity, but high performing, successful people will tell you they talk to themselves ALL-THE-TIME. They say affirmations and give themselves pep talks.

Every morning when you're getting ready in the mirror, take a minute and pretend you’re the coach getting ready to send your team out on the court, but instead of the team, it’s you, going out into the world. What would a coach tell you?

Maybe something like...

Are You Ready to Rumbleeeeeee? 

You’re going to have an incredible day today where you’ll see all the beauty and contrast life has to offer and you’re going to appreciate it all.

You are an amazing (fill in the blank), (fill in the blank) and (fill in the blank).

Everything you do turns to gold so really put your mark on today. Leave a mini legacy today.

People admire and look up to you because of the way you carry yourself with such dignity and grace.  

When you find yourself being challenged, you’re going to take a breath and you’re going to RISE UP and face it head on because that’s what you do.

You can do hard things.  You’ve done them before and you’ll do them again.

You are wiser, stronger and more resilient than you ever have been.

You got this.


YES, IT WILL FEEL SO WERID! Doesn’t everything new feel weird the first time?


But think about it, it may be the only time all day you are nice to yourself. It may be the only time of the day you counter the hundreds of negative thoughts that naturally pop into your head throughout the day.

It may be hard to even look yourself in the eye when you give yourself a pep talk or ramble off your mantras.

But remember, like all resilient people, you know you can do hard things. 

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