Leah Carol - Life Coach Washington, D.C. - Europe

I'm back from Europe and must say …. WOWZA! INCREDIBLE! SPECTACULAR!

I hope you were following me on Instagram as I was posting in my “story” the sights and experiences of each day.  Munich-Vienna-Slovenia-Italy...whew! What a whirlwind! Now that I’m back in the groove at home again in the U.S., I want to share with you a quick reflection of my trip.

I’m sure you’ve read how essential “getting away” from work can be for your creativity and clarity-- and well, my goodness-- two weeks with no computer, sporadic internet, and lots of time in transit provided me with the ample quiet space my brain needed to truly pause and untangle itself.

I was flooded with new ideas for my business while also being overcome with an incredible sense of calm, an instinctual knowingness that said: yes, this is right.”  I’m not going to let my brain tell me what I’ve conjured up is too lofty, too hard, too unrealistic - you know...like brains many times do.

So often moments of inspiration are quickly shot down by our rational side. We’ve got to be vigilant at protecting those moments of inspiration as if we were just handed a bar of gold, because in essence, those magical ideas and moments of sudden clarity are gold.

We’ve got to  allow our brain to wander for the (seemingly) magical thoughts to appear.

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When we’re constantly distracted or telling the brain what to focus on, we don’t provide it the space to stretch and play out different scenarios to see what “feels right.”

You don’t need to go on a two-week journey like I did (although it doesn’t hurt) -- even a short, quiet walk can offer up massive clarity and moments of inspiration.

So, next time you feel stuck, uncertain, or unmotivated, take a break. Get quiet. There is infinite wisdom inside of you that is bursting to come out. If you don’t purposefully make space for it, it’ll stay right where it is - which is not useful to you at all.


Do me a favor. Share this with your best pal who needs a reminder about how important it is to get away. Then comment below with your own experience of “getting away” and the clarity it provided!