Facing your fears is no small feat.


Why do you think so many people do everything in their power to avoid their fears?  Because it's REALLY hard.


Fear controls you when you don't face it head-on.  Fear calls the shots.  In fact, fear tells you to never even take the shot.


When you decide, to put yourself out there and face fear, you take back control.  You put yourself back in the driver's seat.  It's that simple.  You just have to face it.

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You may actually be surprised: surprised at yourself for doing it, surprised at how "it" wasn't so scary, or even how incredibly proud you become of yourself afterward.


And no, it won't be all rainbows and ponies.  If it was, you'd have dealt with "it" long ago.  However, I can promise you that it'll be worth it.  The self- growth and the confidence you'll develop will be more rewarding than you can imagine.


For me, being a business owner is facing about 74983498764973 of my fears every day and I'm so much stronger for it.  I have surprised myself so many times just FIGURING THINGS OUT!

"OMG, it worked!"

"OMG, I figured it out!"

"OMG, I did it!"  


My friend sent me this video and I loved it.  So, as I always do, I'm sharing the goods.  It's pretty short and adequately depicts the emotional journey of facing your fear.  If nothing else, it'll put you in a better mood and make you wanna say "hell yeah!"


If you can't access the video above, you can click here.


You're not gonna live forever, doll!


Do something that surprises yourself today, tomorrow, this weekend.  You really never know what you're made of until you start stretching and growing yourself.


Share below what fear you’re committed to tackling, little by little.  We all get inspiration from others...yes, even you :)



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