Life has been been pretty hectic lately, but it’s all good stuff happening. I was in Cleveland with my sisters (the best part) attending our cousin’s wedding.

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My sister was the officiant:

Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - wedding

and my aunt Sue taught me hot to make a cupcake sandwich so you don’t get icing on your nose (you break off the bottom and put it on the top!):

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I have started working with two 18 year-olds and my own coach is really shaking things up in my life and business (for the better-OBVI!).


I’ve also been reading Love Warrior, by Glennon Melton-Doyle every free moment I have. It’s honestly better than I anticipated and if you love GOOD WRITING, you may want to check out this book.

All of that aside, I will have to say that the last week for me has truly been defined by listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations.  She has taken the conversations from the show and turned them into a podcast.  


You can stream it from your computer, download it from the iTunes store or download it on your phone and take it to-go (which is my preferred method).


Yes, this little purple icon on your iPhone has a function :)

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Oprah mentions in one of the episodes that the reason she started “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is because “she never wanted people to feel alone.” She wants everyone to know that no matter what you go through, other people have gone through it and are going through it too... right now. I threw my hands up and said, “you and me both, lady!”


The conversations are so deep and so brutally honest, you can’t help but feel a bit more hopeful, a little less “crazy”, and a little less alone.


It is truth-telling at it’s best.


I dare you to listen to Tracey Morgan’s interview without tearing up - and not because it’s sad, but because it is truly powerful. He talks about forgiveness after the horrific crash he was in which left him in a coma for over 10 days and killed his best friend. He also recounts how he was terrified that he had lost his comedic gift and what that meant for him.


All of these interviews dive into what it means to truly be human and to experience the full-range of emotions. You can’t know deep love without deep heartbreak, you can’t know exquisite joy without debilitating sadness and you can’t know and appreciate loyalty until someone has betrayed you.


Glennon Doyle-Melton (yes from above) talks about the root of the word “crisis” which means “to sift.” When crisis occurs, it is a time to let all the unimportant things filter out and away while holding on to the things that matter and how pain is really a traveling professor.


Brene Brown dives into what it means to be truly authentic which requires a deep level of vulnerability and why vulnerability is your GREATEST STRENGTH!


We all have bad days, but living in an Instagram filtered, Facebook status world where everyone looks like they have it all together and life is just GRAND, it’s not easy to recognize that life isn’t always rainbows and ponies, so we feel bad when we have less-than-perfect-days or experiences. It’s not easy to share moments of honesty, particularly when we’re sad, feeling insecure or lonely.


Being a mom is hard.

Running a business is hard.

But GOD FORBID you share any of it (unless they’re your super friends):

Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - text
Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - text2

So what’s my point in all of this “truth-telling” talk today?


We are hard-wired for connection. We can only experience true connection if we are honest. We can only be honest if we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable. When you brave vulnerability, you indirectly encourage others be courageous in their vulnerability and honesty as well.


We all have shitty days. Maybe if we were a bit more honest with each other about our experience, those hard days wouldn’t be so bad.


Life: we’re in it together.


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