I recently listened to a podcast where they talked about self-doubt and it really resonated with me, so I thought I better share a few things on it, because we ALL deal with it. Self-doubt, that negative voice (aka “the gremlin”)  arises whenever we are about to experience growth. Self-doubt does not want us to grow. It keeps us thinking small, acting small, staying small.

So whenever we think about something big - maybe starting our own business, facing our fear and jumping off the top of a waterfall, or deciding whether to go back to school - it starts yelling to us, “DON'T DO IT!” All too often we sadly give into it. We don’t take risks, we don’t challenge our beliefs, and most of all, we don’t grow and when we’re old, we’ll look back on our lives and think “man, I wish I would’ve…”

Those self-doubt thoughts are just that...thoughts. You don’t have to believe them. They are made up to keep you safe and protected...to keep you small. But you also know that thinking, playing, and acting small isn’t where the magic of life happens.  So how can we deal with the self-doubt so we actually CAN live a life of growth? You know, a life that makes us proud, a life that we look back on and say, “hell yeah!”  

It’s incredibly important to recognize, from the beginning, that self-doubt is normal and we will experience it. So when it pops up, we can say to ourselves “Oh there it is, this is normal. I must be growing and it wants me to stop. Sorry, gremlin.”

Leah Carol - DC Life and Business Coach - gremlin

When we find ourselves making excuses, “Well, it didn’t work the first time,” or “I don’t know how I’d ever do that,” say it again, “Sorry, gremlin, not today. I’ll figure it out.”

Moreover, deciding from the get-go  that when these thoughts do arise, we will have the determination and grit to keep going.

Take it as a good sign when self-doubt appears. It means you're growing.

The more and more we overcome our self-doubt, the more and more our confidence grows, our capacity for grit and determination grows. The more it grows the more we are comfortable stretching ourselves and the more goals we set and challenges we take on.

Snowball effect in full force!

THAT’S how you live a life of magic. You do it by staring self-doubt straight in the eye yet choosing to move forward. Plain and simple, you are where you are because of your thoughts. Change your thoughts and your beliefs will follow. Beliefs are what spurs our action.

So think of something that you really desire... amazing job with purpose, hot bod, balanced, healthy life.
Guess what, you can actually have it. Yes, it's actually possible. People do the "impossible" everyday, they just make their mind up and do it. 

So, go do it. 

Leah Carol - DC Life and Business Coach - confidence
 How to conquer self-doubt