Do you ever find yourself saying the same thing over and over in a short period of time?


Well, it happens to me from time to time and, as one who likes to look for meaning in things, I figure it’s what I'm supposed to share with you.  Maybe it’s directly relevant to you or maybe it’s just what your friend needs to hear you tell them.  Who knows?


Ok, here it is:

There is a season for everything.


Not only have I found myself saying it to three different people of very different ages and stations in life in the past 4 days, but Facebook reminded me of this quote I shared 2 years ago, a few days after my mom passed.  (It’s from Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi  and I highly recommend it.)

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All three of these conversations with these three very different people revolved around “where they are in life” and where they think they “should be.”


Ahh… there it is… the cursed SHOULD.


It makes us lose sight of the big picture, forget every incredible thing in our life including past experiences, doubt our abilities, and fail to realize that life can change in an instant.


We forget that where we are now is exactly where we’re supposed to be.  (I’m sorry if you gagged, but it’s true.)


Trust me, I’m as guilty as the next person: we want what we want and we want it now, buuuut that’s not really how life works and honestly, it would be quite boring if it did.


Think of a typical story line:

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The protagonist always goes through all of these “seasons” – sometimes they’re boring and sometimes they’re really exciting.


Without these “seasons” there would be no story. It would just be about someone’s Stepford wives-like life. It would be a snoozefest, amirite?


We must remind ourselves that where we are in life is just the page we’re on, the chapter isn’t over and surely we’ve got a long way left to go in our book.  


Our “seasons” are just our chapters in our book. (Cheesy but accurate)


They can sometimes make us feel incredible defeat, tremendous heartache,  scared shitless, dreadfully inadequate and like a total failure.




They can also make us feel like everything is rigged in our favor, like we’re living the dream, like we’re the luckiest person on the face of the earth, and that life couldn’t get any better.


Think about it: we have seasons where life really sucks and seasons where life couldn’t get any better.


Just remember, where you are today... tomorrow... next month… isn’t reflective of where you will be. We can’t do everything at one time, but we can do everything at least one time (if not more!).


Just do the best from wherever you are now. Keep moving, keep taking action, and don’t dwell.


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