“There are no such things as unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames.”

I read this statement in a book called, “The Power of Focus.” It’s a pretty good book with lots of practical information, so I’m giving it a preliminary thumbs up.

Anyway, this statement really resonated with me because I’ve been really struggling with my goals lately. I have a lot of them and some of them well… seem so friggin’ unrealistic.

Like you,  I’ve always been told to “dream bigger” and here I am one of those people who encourages others to think outside their box and to strive for bigger and better things.

Leah Carol Washington DC Life Coach - goals

It seems so easy when you look at other people’s lives and think, “Well, of course, they can do that! That’s totally possible!” To us, others' goals don’t always seem so unrealistic while we think ours are seemingly impossible. Humans love to self-sabotage.

This happens when merely focus on where we are now. We don’t take into account the journey.

We think it’s a hop, not a hike.

Enter, time frames.

If we can create goals that include time frames… even in the rough sense such as “X number of years,” it allows us to continue dreaming big and setting those big goals that maybe scare us a bit because suddenly they actually seem...possible.

Setting unrealistic time frames (or none at all) for our goals only sets us up for failure and only contributes to a negative attitude moving forward. Why set goals if they never happen? Amirite?

Setting goals for ourselves keeps us hopeful and excited.  I mean c'mon, anticipation is such a fun part of life.

So think about one of your goals and make it a little bigger. Now give it a time frame - a realistic one. If you’re not sure if it’s realistic, do a quick gut check. Your mind will surely have an opinion, but your gut will ultimately have the answer. And as always, if in doubt...ask as a friend.

Then, look at where you are now and what you can start doing...even if the next step feels a bit scary.

Remember it’s a hike, not a hop.


Each day you must look at where your next step is and take it. Your actions today are all you can control.

Remember, it’s only failure if you quit.