Leah Carol - DC Life and Business Coach - Kardashians

This year, as everyone was making New Year's Resolutions to get back to the gym, eat healthier, take more vacations, I made a healthy resolution to give up the Kardashians.

(I like to really stretch myself when it comes to resolutions, don't I?)

I deleted them all from social media and have not watched an episode (or even a piece of one) in all of 2016. It’s been eight months and honestly, it’s been pretty awesome to not know what's going on with them other than what I hear from the birds.

You’re either thinking, “What made you think to give that up of all things?” or “Why did you even watch them in the first place?”

Well, because they’re ALWAYS ON! When something is so ubiquitous--coming at you from every angle, be it on TV, social media, or in the grocery store line, you somehow become entangled. Will Khloe be able to get Lamar back on track? ? Will Scott finally clean up his ways? Will Rob ever rejoin the show or continue his distaste for his sisters?  

I found myself saying over and over to myself anytime I had it on the TV, "Why am I watching this?"

I harbor no personal hate or ill-will towards any of them, I’m sure they’re lovely people, and I actually appreciate what they’ve done for the acceptance and appreciation of curvy bodies in our society.  

I gave them up because 1. It was doable. It wasn't anything crazy, but in a small way was bettering my life and 2. What they represented did not serve me, more importantly, it didn’t serve what I was trying to advocate to my friends or the young teen girls in my life, namely the unhealthy self-absorption and need for approval (particularly on social media), the body dysmorphia  (HELLO plastic surgery and injectables!), and the overall superficiality of their lives (do they even film anymore without full glammed-out makeup and hair anymore?).

Look, I don't know what it's like to be in the spotlight 24/7, I can imagine it's pretty awful. It's the false perception that it is real life that I have a problem with.  

If I was preaching self-love, natural beauty, spending time away from phones while diving into real relationships, and getting rid of the things that didn’t bring them joy or make them feel better about themselves, I had to practice what I preached.

Good-bye Kardashians.

Additionally, it’s quite clear how much young females look up to these famous young women as idols, something in which they aspire to be, all the while having all the same characteristics of drive, love for family, and unique beauty as these famous gals, but unfortunately are not able to see it in themselves. 

When we idolize another, we give them our power rather than realizing we too hold the same power within ourselves.  

Cutting them out has also cut down majorly on the amount of trash TV I watch, which is always a good thing. Mindless TV is kinda like chocolate - don’t deprive yourself, but be careful with the amount you consume.

My resolution was never about the Kardashians. It was about ridding myself of something that was not serving me nor my message. 

So think about it?

What in your life isn’t serving you or your beliefs?

Maybe it’s spending hours on social media, maybe it’s avoiding the stack of mail that's piling up, or maybe it's not saving money or paying off debt so you can keep up with the Joneses - or the Kardashians.

If there are things as simple as cutting out a TV show that could create more space for something much more beneficial- DO IT.

Throw away what doesn't serve you.
If it's not lifting you up, it's probably weighing you down.


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