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Hey, I'm Leah! 

I'm a Life and Business Coach based in Washington, D.C. I help my clients go from good to exceptional.


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Boots, scarves, and pumpkin-spiced everything, people really seem to go crazy for fall. I’m not so into it. The fall season is undoubtedly beautiful, but I just hate what comes after it.

In light of the new season upon us, I think it’s worth taking some time to clean out more than just your summer wardrobe. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring and fall seasons are the best times for releasing and letting go on all levels - including clutter.

Sometimes, the clutter in our life builds slowly overtime and we don’t really notice or mind it, until it hits a tipping point and becomes too much and suddenly, we don’t even wanna deal with it.
Here are three areas you may want to consider decluttering - even pre-emptively.  

1. Your Physical Space

Leah Carol - DC Life Coach - Clutter

Cue the energy flow! Although you may not have been able to put your finger on exactly what it is, but you undoubtedly have experienced it. It’s that feeling of expanse and abundance when you’re in a place where everything is tidy and in it’s place. No clutter to be seen, just smooth surfaces. It  feels more relaxing. Mentally your brain can relax when it has less to process; physical clutter clutters your mind.

Physical clutter slows or blocks energy from moving. The air and energy are able to circulate. Everything in this world, including you, is made up of energy all meant to move. Flowing energy makes you feel good. Feng Shui experts suggest asking yourself, If water were to flow into my home - starting at the main door - where would it stop or stagnate?

Here are some spaces you don’t want to overlook:

  • Mail piles - toss all those old ads and pay those bills.

  • Your closet - if you have summertime clothes that you didn’t wear this summer, give ‘em to Goodwill; you’re probably not gonna wear them next summer either.

  • Your car - clean it out and give it a good vacuum and a new air freshener.

  • That junk drawer (or that corner, or shelf…)  You know, that place where all the “deal with it later” stuff gets thrown.

Less physical clutter = more calm for your brain.


2. Your Mind

Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - thoughts

It’s always good to take stock of what’s going on in our heads. What thoughts are we thinking? What stories are we telling ourselves? What excuses are we allowing ourselves to make? We need to de-clutter our minds from such negative and unsupportive thoughts.

Self-awareness is a lifelong process, but it is crucial for long-term success in almost every area of our life.

Here are some easy ways we can slow down and reflect:

  • Turn off distractions. Doing mundane chores or commuting without background music or TV allows our brain to process and think about not only the events of our day, but also the deeper internal questions we rarely give ourselves time to reflect on.

  • Journal. Physically writing down what’s going on in our heads can be so cathartic. Not only are we able to see the crazy things our brains are throwing at us, but we’re also able to process them. When you get your thoughts out (particularly the crazy ones), you’re able to allow more new thoughts in.

  • Meditate. Whether it’s taking five minutes a day to focus on your breathing, to listen to soft music or just sit in silence, deliberately setting aside time for our monkey minds to quiet down allows the quiet voice of our soul speak up.


3. Your Calendar

Leah Carol - Life Coach Washington DC - busy

How many of us have a calendar that is simply out of control? The busier we are, the less aware we become. It’s exhausting! We have become so accustomed to being busy, we don’t know what it’s like to be bored anymore. Boredom is the mother of creativity. If we don’t allow ourselves downtime, how can we find out how great we are at painting furniture, gardening, or blog writing if we never give ourselves the time in the first place?

Over the next couple of months try to add to your calendar only the things you WANT to do and that will not add more stress to your life. Practice saying “no” to the things you feel you should do out of obligation. “Shoulds” can be dangerous.  

A new season is upon us. How do you want to bring it in? What do you want your next few months to look and feel  like?  Now’s the time to get clear on your intentions and take action to bring it to life.