“Here's an understatement for you: being yourself is not always easy.

Maybe that's why they call it the road less traveled...

For fear of not being accepted we tailor our personality, mince our words, and carve out our opinions to fit in. It takes courage to be vocal, creative and vulnerable - and it takes stamina, because if you want the best out of life, life will demand the best of you- over and over again." - Danielle Laporte


I read that a couple of weeks ago and it’s really stayed with me - particularly the last sentence.


“...if you want the best out of life, life will demand the best of you - over and over again."


It was such a great reminder that we must do our part. The Universe wants you to succeed, it wants you to have the best out of life... but you’ve got to meet it half way. You’ve got to do your part.


That part involves being the most YOU, you can be. It involves speaking your truth, expressing your creativity, your voice, your unique gifts and talents, and most importantly, showing up.


When you show up authentically, the Universe smiles.

Think about it, what does the best of life look like to you?


For me it’s...

  • waking up every morning incredibly grateful for another day where I get another chance to love my heart out, create meaningful and inspiring work, and leave the planet better than when I arrived.

  • laughing uncontrollably with my best friend, someone who truly “gets me.”

  • dancing wildly at weddings

  • connecting with someone who doesn’t even speak my language.

  • allowing myself to be loved for who I really am and loving others for who they really are.


Life demanding the best of me means...

  • showing up and doing the hard work over and over when all I want to do is stay in bed all day hiding from the world.

  • speaking my truth even when it may feel really uncomfortable saying it.

  • refusing to play a “role” to fit in or fulfill others' expectations.

  • unconditionally loving, forgiving and accepting myself.


None of this is easy, nor does any of it have a finish line.

It’s a practice.

Compassion is a practice.
Love is a practice.
Honesty is a practice.
Courage is a practice.


I want you to stop and think today about what does “the best of life” look like to you and what does “the best of you” entail?


It becomes less intimidating when you know what you’re up against; what you need to continue to practice.  


It takes persistence. It takes commitment. It takes stamina.


But it’s such a small price to pay for having the absolute best out of life.


The best of life requires practice and discipline which is why I created a FREE PDF of 10 Disciplines to Master While You're Young (or at any age!) to help you truly get the best out of life. 

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