About eight years ago, when I was working in Florida as a stressed out and overworked elementary school teacher who constantly worried about her students, my mom had me sign up for this thing called, “Notes from the Universe.”


I had no idea what it was, but if it was good enough for mom, it was good enough for me.


Monday through Friday I received an email from “The Universe” telling me how awesome I was and how everything was going to work out P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y.


In my emotionally charged state at the time, I looked forward to those messages every morning because they gave me the slightest glimmer of hope that everything was actually going to turn out fine. I also bought three books all titled “Notes from the Universe” and would read them for hours. It was my own spiritual (and sometimes mental) therapy.


I received these emails regularly for several years and they really helped me keep it together as I was struggling with not only my current situation, but what was next; at the time, I had no clue what that was.  


Mike Dooley, is the author of these “notes” and he also has several books out, all of which I’ve read. I just finished re-reading “Leveraging the Universe” for the fourth time. It’s about clearly focusing on what we want and taking action towards it and not on HOW we’re actually going to get it - basically leave all the happy coincidences and chance encounters up to the Universe.


The premise of the daily notes is that “it’s all gravy, baby!”


Everything is working out exactly as it should, you are truly amazing and anything is possible. Just do what you can with where you are and trust the Universe to connect the dots.   


Here are a few examples of “notes” I have received:

Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - notes
Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - notes
Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - notes
Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - notes


I recently re-signed up after I had stopped for a bit, because well... we all go in and out of phases in our life when certain things resonate with us.


Maybe you wanna give these notes a try (you can choose how much or how little you receive them) and see if they resonate with you.  You can sign-up at www.tut.com.


There’s a lot of stuff in the world to bum us out, so I think it’s always good to have something that picks us up.


I work with my clients everyday on changing their mindset and this is just ONE of the many things I recommend. If you can outnumber the negative thoughts with the positive ones, your life is going to change faster than you could ever imagine.


It’s a process and a practice. I’m here to guide you along the way. Shoot me an email if you’re ready to make “one day” today and make the massive shifts in your life you’ve been dying to make.


Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - hearts

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