I was recently hanging out with one of my best gal pals and she told me about an interview she had that afternoon for a job she really wanted. She explained that she had been doing interview prep, talking out answers with her husband, thinking through and writing out her answers to interview questions so her answers would be well-thought out and her brain would be ready to go at interview time.

She was doing all the physical prep she could. Go girl!

Leah Carol - DC Life Coach for Teens - universe

I told her, “You know I believe in throwing everything at it, right?” I told her she couldn’t just be doing the physical prep, but she had to do the spiritual prep too. She had to get a little “woo-woo”...you know all that “new age” stuff. I mean, why not?! If you want anything bad enough you’ll try anything right? It can’t hurt! I’m all about it, but I get there is a stigma. It’s worked way too many times for me not to be a believer.

So here’s what I told her and the advice I’d give to anyone who’s going after something specific:

1. Thank the Universe out loud, in advance for what you want. For example, “Universe, thank you so much for helping me rock this interview. I know my answers were spot on and will get me this job,” or “thank you for the clarity to understand this problem,” or “thank you for helping me be focused all day.”  I use this every day for parking. I would say 95% of the time I get front row parking no matter where I am.

2. Say what you want out loud. i.e. “I got the job” over and over.

Leah Carol - DC Life Coach- go all in

3. Write it down. Thoughts, speech and written words all have power to them. They increase in power with the increased effort i.e. actually writing down what you want takes the most effort of the three.

4. Visualize. Put your phone on a 2 minute timer, close your eyes and imagine your desired outcome. Look around, what are you looking at? Who's around you?  What are you wearing? What are you saying and to whom? What are you doing? What are you feeling? Two minutes will fly by. Imagine the outcome you want as detailed as possible.

If you’re struggling with self-doubt or feeling insecure, stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, toes pointed out with your arms stretched out wide for at least a minute. This is a science-based one. It’s been proven over and over what the feeling of being “big” and having a lot of physical space can do to your psyche.

5. Ask your angels for help. You don’t have to believe in them to say a few words.

This stuff literally takes no time at all, so why not?! These practices are just more ways of stacking the deck in your favor. You gotta burn both ends of the candle. Do your part and let the Universe do its part.
Go on… I won’t tell.


1 month update: She got the job. 

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