On my flight back to DC from my working vacation in Florida, I listened to the Tony Robbins Podcast.  It was my first time ever listening to it because, as most of you know, the majority of my podcast listening is with Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School.  But it kinda popped up as I was fumbling around with my phone.


I took it as a sign.


The episode was called “Ultimate Success Formula” and Tony wasn’t even on it.  The female host interviewed his senior trainer, Joseph McClendon.  (If you’re interested, it’s the July 27, 2016 episode.)  He shares what they teach at their workshops for people to really get what they want, whether it’s a new job, to lose weight, or to find the perfect life partner.


I’m going to share with you the steps he outlines to get whatever you want.  He states that the majority of what we’ve attained in life has likely gone through these steps, whether we realize it or not.


So here goes:


1.     Define your outcome.

a.     Know exactly what you want in as much detail as possible.  Don’t skimp on the details… dig in deep.

2.     Know your “why”.

a.     Why is this so important to you?

What feelings will having these things give you?  Are these accurate or are they assumed feelings? i.e. approval from others isn’t guaranteed.

Really contemplate and dig deep on this one. The more emotion you can tie into your desires the better.  I mean, everything we want is to either pursue pleasure or avoid pain.

3.     Take massive action.

a.     Don’t take some action then stop.  Take repeated action and be relentless.

4.     Assess your progress or lack thereof.

a.     What’s working, what’s not.

b.     Most achievers do not give themselves credit for progress.  Achievers are incredibly hard on themselves.  Forgiving failures and praising progress is monumentally important.

c.      He said this is the step where people generally call in help in the form of a mentor or coach

5.     Edit the process and/or yourself and start taking massive action again.


It’s not rocket science.  If we can get our brain focused on what we want, with our emotions backing up our physical action, we literally have the mind/body/spirit trio all working in our favor.


So tell me in the comment section below, what is it that you really want?  When are you going to draft out a plan according to steps above? You may think that drafting out this plan isn’t necessary but it SO IS!  Written word carries a lot of power AND it’s the first step to prove that you’re serious about what you want.  When you want something- you’ll do anything to get it.  Amirite?!


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