A while back, I made a last minute decision to get out of the city and head out to my family’s farm about an hour or so away.  My vibes had been on the lower end for a few days and couldn't seem to get outta my funk but I know the best way to get back into a state of goodness and flow in life is to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!


What in the world does that mean?


It simply means putting yourself back into a good mood.  Doing things that make you feel good:  Seeing friends and family, taking a day off to spoil yourself, anything to get you out of your “rut” or what I more commonly refer to as a “funk”.


Nothing good comes when you have bad energy and can't seem to get out of your funk, you need to take a break from it and mix it up - do something new or change your scenery.


So around 3pm on Sunday, I decided to skip town.

By doing so I was able to attend a family party where I saw so many loved ones I hadn’t seen in awhile. Nothing like being greeted by "HEEEEEY! She's here!" as you walk in the door as well as hugs on hugs on hugs to bring your vibes back up.


On Monday, I had coffee with my dad and then ditched work so I could spend the day shopping with my 93-year-old Gma.

Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - grandma

On Tuesday, I had lunch with the gals I coach high school volleyball with.  We see each other everyday for two and a half months during the season and when the season’s over, we sort of go through withdrawal.

Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - volleyball girls


Sitting at a stoplight, leaving Target with my gma riding shotgun, she reminded me that, “we are exactly where we’re supposed to be.”  I had a moment where my ego popped in and reminded me I should be working, that I should be doing X, that I should be doing Y, but I looked over at her and said, “Yeah! WE ARE!”  I shimmied my shoulders as if doing a "winning at life" victory dance.  


Even if you’re thinking “EEEK! No way, Jose!”  or “I’m so far away from where I’m supposed to be right now,”  - you are.  #sorrynotsorry


If you have those thoughts, you probably feel like you’re off track.  Well, you’ve sometimes gotta go off track to get back on.  Get back to what’s good.  Get back to what you know to be true. Gotta know what you DON'T want to know what you DO want. Amirite?!


Going off track is kinda like a gut check.  What are you willing to do to get back ON TRACK?


You must cultivate the self-respect and compassion as well as a bit of stubbornness to do whatever it takes to get you back on track - whether that’s skipping town, taking a day off, hiring a coach - without the self judgement! Those things will bring your vibes back UP.


Ya’ll know I’m obsessed with Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map and throughout it she repeatedly says, “Feeling good is the primary intention.” She's right. 

You can't fake having good vibes, that's why you’ve gotta do whatever it takes to get back actually feel good again. 

The flow of all things good cannot happen and WILL NOT happen if your energy is full of spikes.




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