I’m not sure if it’s because Mercury is moving out of retrograde or what, but I feel like the energy has been really low; lots of Debbie Downers lately. I admit, I have been the culprit here and there over the past week, but I have learned how to pull myself out of it and I’m going to share with you how to do it.  Total disclosure:  I don’t always do it though. Why is it that we just like to sulk sometimes?



I remember I would call my mom in the worst mood complaining about this or that and she would say something to make me feel better… probably something about looking at the bright side or owning my perspective of the situation and I just didn’t want to hear it! She’d finally say, “Fine, be in a bad mood!” 

Can someone tell me why do we do that?

So how do we get out of it when we actually want to?

Sure, looking at cute puppies is one option to raise our mood sure... but it's not the one I'm going to talk about today. 

This is a bit different, but just as simple.

1. Get out your phone and

2. Pull up the timer

3. Set it for one minute (two if you’re in a REALLY bad mood) 

4. Start to say “Thank you for X because Y” ...and just don’t stop until the timer is done.


My brain always goes to family, friends and my house, but I then when I think about why, that’s when it really starts to feel good.

  • Instead of: I’m thankful for my home

  • Try: I am so grateful that I have the warmest bedroom in the house with the most comfortable bed ever that I can’t wait to snuggle into at night.


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  • Instead of : I have great friends:

  •  Try: I love that my best friends and I have the most ridiculous group text chat where we can be unapologetically ourselves which causes a lot of laughter.  Sometimes for good measure, I imagine my friend Chelsea’s belly laugh and then I really smile.




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  • Instead of: I'm thankful for my health.

  • Try: I'm grateful for my legs b/c they allow me to go on runs to clear my head, hikes to see nature at it's finest, and the ability to climb so I can see from the highest vantage point. (When my Nana went into a wheelchair... I started saying this one often.)


Whatever it is for you… 1 minute and just start to think of all the things that make your life really awesome and let me tell you, it’s likely the little things.  I promise this will instantly raise your mood.

It doesn’t take any problems away, but it may put them into perspective.  You don’t need to make a big to-do of it. Take a bathroom break, do it in your cubicle, your car, wherever your sulking takes place. 

If nothing else, it distracts you from your bad mood for a minute. Win-win.