Over the past couple of months, I've had some really great conversations with people who are dying to change up what they're doing with their life. Conversations like these get me super amped and excited.

I always ask, "So what do you want to do and why?" The answers are varied as the people, but typically revolve around wanting to make a difference or doing what they're naturally good at doing.  

These answers are quite unsurprising.  I believe we all want to feel like we're making our mark on the world and the way we do that is by typically doing what we're good at. You know, actually utilizing the talents we were blessed with.

What I was a little surprised to hear about was the need for respect.

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I'm not gonna lie, my eyes bug out of my head when I hear that because I know there's something deeper going on.

When we do work that comes from our soul, when we're in our zone of genius, we don't think about things like approval or respect.  We do it because we love to do it.  It brings us limitless joy.


Our ego wants us to be seen and heard. Our ego craves third-party validation...no, DEMANDS it.


The ego needs others to tell it it's awesome. 

Our ego never goes away, we just have to learn to be aware of it. That's really all we can do because when we stop to examine our thoughts, we can determine if they are originating from our ego or our soul. Once we have that awareness we can then choose how we want to act.


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We can begin to ask ourselves questions such as:

-  What is my motivation behind this?

-  Will this bring me joy?

-  What am I gaining in a physical or spiritual way? Or both?

-  How will this make me feel?

-  Will anyone be affected by this? How?

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We will NEVER be satisfied if we do things that originate from the ego.  Why?  Because it will never be good enough.  Never.  It always wants more.



So next time you're thinking about your desires, think about WHY you want them.  Is the little voice inside you coming through?  Or is the loud, obnoxious voice of the ego coming through?


Awareness can save you years of unhappiness.

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