Throughout our life, we all experience times where we find ourselves at a crossroads:

Where do I go from here?

What is next for me?

How do I make the right decision?

You may even be experiencing one right now and it typically is not a very comfortable place to be in.  All we know is that each path is uncertain and that can be a pretty scary thing.

But you know, I think crossroads can be a very exciting place.  Of course, our brains will tell us otherwise because it thrives on safety and certainty.  

However, if we can tap into ourselves and listen to what our intuition/soul/gut is really telling us, it can be a magical time of self-discovery and adventure.

Last year, I faced one of the biggest crossroads of my life: stay in my field of International Education or throw caution to the wind and start my own business (something that I had wanted to do for years).  At the time, my job was coming to a close and I had no clue what was ahead of me.  It was basically looking at my future as if it were a blank sheet of paper...and THAT was kinda exciting.

You obviously know which path I chose.

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I told myself, “Leah, whatever you decide will be the right decision because you’ll make it work, you'll make the best of it, you'll learn new skills, meet new people and, as long as you focus on all the good, you’ll never have to wonder about ‘what if…’ If you don’t like it, then change it. Nothing is forever.”

Once the stress of the decision was gone, clarity poured in.  I stopped resisting, stopped trying to think it clear and stopped pre-judging myself for whatever decision I made.  I got myself a coach because despite making my choice, I knew I needed the support to help me execute.  

For the rest of our lives, we'll find ourselves having to make big decisions.  Learning to be kind to yourself will make the decision making process a lot easier.  You’ve got to be able to tell yourself, “I can make this work” or “I’m doing it. I’m going all in. No risk, no reward.” Or on the other end, “Well, if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll at least have learned a lot."  Or, my favorite, “At least, it’ll make a good story!”  

You are a badass.  Big decisions aren’t easy, but when you can have faith in that, you’ll make it work and can handle whatever comes at you.  You really can’t lose.


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Hey, I'm Leah! 

I'm a Life and Business Coach based in Washington, D.C. I help my clients go from good to exceptional.

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