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If you’re like many people recently, you’ve probably given meditation a try a time or two because you’ve heard over and over how good it is for stress, anxiety, depression, focus, creativity, trauma healing, just to name a few.

Again, like most people, you probably gave up after a few times because you didn’t feel like it did anything, you never felt like you were doing it right or simply because it felt so uncomfortable sitting still for that long!

I get it. I have SO BEEN THERE.


I wrote an article for Sivana East entitled, "The #1 Thing I Tell People Who Want To Start Meditating."

I think you'll dig it.

Feeling like we're "not doing it right" can cause us a lot of stress and we often give up trying because of it. After all, meditation is supposed to reduce stress, not add to it.

If you can remember this one thing, you'll be on the fast track to meditating like a champ and therefore experiencing allllll the amazing benefits it has to offer. 

Leah Carol- Life Coach - Meditation Benefits
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