“What the hell is Toastmasters?!”

“It’s a public speaking club, just helps you become a better speaker.”

“Sounds like a nightmare.”

This is how a typical conversation goes whenever I tell someone where I am every other Wednesday.

I joined Toastmasters to become a better speaker. I feel pretty blessed that I don’t have any major fear of public speaking, but I do know that there is an art to giving a speech. I wanted to learn and feel in control if I ever find myself speaking in front of thousands. Those who know me well, aren't surprised by this, I’m ALWAYS learning.  

Leah Carol - DC Life and Business Coach - onestep

Being a speaker is a piece of my long-term goals, so I’m taking action now. I know where I want to be, so I’m carving out the path. It’s not going to magically just happen one day. I get that.

I looked to what people ahead of me are doing. They started small: some giving free talks at churches or community organizations, some were active in Toastmasters, some fell into speaking roles without any prior experience. Many of the latter, strongly wished they had prior practice and/or experience to make the transition a bit less stressful.

Enter Toastmasters. I’m doing what I can from where I am right now. This is all we can ever do.

Taking it one step at a time. Eyes on the prize while committing to putting one foot in front of the other. Do I expect to be an amazing speaker with gigs lined up for the next 6 months? No. I know for that to happen, I have to pave the way. 

You know like you know like YOU KNOW that you are meant for more than where you are now. It’s not something you can explain, you just feel it inside you.  So let me ask you, what are you doing right now to prepare your path?

You are meant to live a truly extraordinary life- whatever that looks like for you. You simply have to claim it and then run with it for as long and as far as you can, simply by continuing to put put one foot in front of the other creating your own path.  If you're uncertain of the path, just start taking action and the path will appear. Pinky promise. 

It's not about talent. It’s not about time or money. Never. It’s about belief. It’s about commitment.

Leah Carol - DC life Coach - start today

I want you to commit to not caring what anyone thinks about your decisions or desires, commit to playing big in the world. Commit to actually going out and making the changes in the world or yourself that you wish to see happen. Commit to believing that it is possible.

If it’s important you’ll ALWAYS find a way.

Decide what it is that you want. How are you going to get it? Who already has it? What are they doing? Who can you help along the way? What new things are you going to learn?

It’s possible. You just have to commit.

 Who you foolin

I would totally love it if you shared this with your peeps!  Let's start a movement of no excuses action taking!

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