As I type this, I am currently on Day 6 of doing the Whole 30 “diet.”  I’m struggling, but I haven’t given in which I’m REALLY proud of.  I’m not doing it for the body/diet part, I’m doing it to develop some willpower.  Thirty days.  Nothing processed.  Sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind.


Last year, I went vegan for a month for the same reason.  Turns out, going vegan wasn’t so hard and I made some really killer Indian food. The Whole 30 is much harder because I’m not a huge meat eater and well, there’s not a ton else you can eat on this plan.  It also takes a massive amount of meal prep. There’s no reaching into the cabinet for snacks...unless they’re nuts.


I just want a tortilla chip...just one!!!!

Every time I tell someone what I’m doing, they say, “Leah, you have amazing willpower.”  I find it lovely that people have that perception of me, but to be honest, I don’t like discomfort, especially when it involves food. When it comes to food, taking breaks, or working out by myself, I’m incredibly easy. “Oh, go on, you can have a bite.” “Oh, you don’t need to do that third set. You've done enough.”


Scott Dinsmore said, years ago, that before starting his business he took on a crazy physical feat just to prove to himself that he could do something hard and not give up. He was mentally preparing himself for what he faced as a business owner. (He was a novice swimmer and challenged himself to swim to Alcatraz.)  I’m nowhere near that level of challenge (obviously!).


It’s good to challenge ourselves mentally,  physically, and spiritually from time to time. That’s how we grow.


You see, all of those things are essentially a muscle.  Physical strength must be developed to lift things without injuring ourselves, mental strength must be developed so we can focus and make wise decisions and our spiritual strength (whatever that looks like for each of us) is a muscle that needs to be tapped into and worked too so that you can handle soul-crushing adversity (yes, it’ll happen) or to find greater meaning and connectedness in our life.


So think about what “muscle” you need to work. What’s something you can do today to work it?


Maybe it’s waiting to check your email at a certain time and not every time one comes through.  Maybe it’s an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill.  Or maybe it’s having some quiet time before bed rather than watching TV - whatever it is, make it doable and prove to yourself that you can do it - because YOU CAN!

Repeated baby steps over and over is how you accumulate massive growth. The more you stretch and challenge yourself, the more you deliberately step outside of your comfort zone, the faster you see results...but you already knew that.  


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