Do you have a bucket list?

You know, all the things you want to do/experience in life before you die - aka “kick the bucket”?

If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you do so. If you DO have one, I gotta ask, is it physically written down or typed out on your computer or does it merely exist in your head?

I created a “Life’s To-Do List” at the age of 19 in a Word Document before I ever heard the term “bucket list.” I didn’t understand the power of writing down goals then, but I do now.

Research shows that a goal or intention written down is 44% MORE LIKELY to happen. Did you get that….44%!!!

              Fjords were absolutely INCREDIBLE!

             Fjords were absolutely INCREDIBLE!

I look at my bucket list a few times a year to remind me of all the really cool things in life I want to experience. Sometimes, I remove things (i.e. skydiving- no desire anymore, no thank you) and sometimes I add to it as my awareness of the world grows, like taking a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.  I also add things that I experience and retroactively cross them off because I think they’re worth remembering (i.e. fjord cruise in Norway).  

I want to be able to look back at my “list” when I’m old and say, “whoa, that was awesome! I really seized the day!” not, “glad I made all of those rational choices and didn’t think big or take chances.”

It’s funny because the few times that I look back at the list, I realize that some stuff on it really happened without me even realizing it. When you tell the Universe what you want and just release all expectation as to WHEN it should happen, HOW it should happen, or even WHERE it should happen, it typically delivers.

When the list is in front of you where you can physically see it, it reminds you to take chances and seize opportunities. It also gives your brain a direction in which to focus its energy.

I know quite a few people who a) are scared to write down what they want in life for fear it won’t happen or b) don’t think they need to write it down because they’ll remember it. Neither of these is advisable, as it is almost guaranteeing none of it will happen! I KNOW you want big things in your life – we’re created that way.

Life is short. You only have so much time to live the life you truly want to live and experience the things you want to experience.

 Mom always LOVED the beach. Must be where I get it from :)

Mom always LOVED the beach. Must be where I get it from :)



When my mom got sick, she repeatedly said she wanted to go back to Florida so she could just lay on the beach. She wanted to relax in the sun, listen to the waves of the ocean and just BE. Because of the unpredictability of her sickness, she never got to the beach before she passed. Seeing that happen first hand plays a huge role in why I don’t wait to do the things I want to do.



It made me realize that the “perfect time” doesn’t exist AND that we are not guaranteed a future.


So, don’t wait to do the things you want to do, because time will run out and you’re gonna say, “I wish I had of…” or more honestly, “well, shit…”

If your bucket list isn’t written down, do yourself a HUGE favor and write it out. Jot it down and don’t wait.  

Take action. Seize opportunities.
You only get one life and it’s incredibly short.

I want nothing more for you than to step into the life you’ve been wanting to live and experience the things you want to experience.


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