I recently listened to an Abraham Hicks podcast where they were talking about “contrast” and why we should try to appreciate it.  

What is “contrast”?

Contrast is everything we don’t want. It's the beast of our life's story. 

We have X but we want Y.  
We want to be happy, but we’re sad.
We want to be rich, but we feel really poor.
We want a passion filled job, but we feel like gouging our eyes out going into our current job everyday.


You get the picture.


The thing is, if we can learn to look at the contrast in a way that isn’t so repulsive, we’ll essentially stop resisting it and, therefore, free it and move on. Remember: what you resists, persists.


The more time spent hating the contrast, the longer we’ll experience it because of the energy and focus we are giving it. What we focus on expands. If we can accept that it’s supporting our growth and teaching us what we need to learn to get to our next level, we’ll be on our way to what we want MUCH faster - even if it’s just a little peace of mind.  


Listening to this podcast made me realized that I was essentially keeping myself in my own misery by HATING and LOATHING the contrast. But when I stop to say, “Oh, of course I have to experience this, it’s making me so much stronger and more capable. This is growth. If I am to handle what is ahead of me, these are areas that I really need to grow and develop, so I guess I’m doing it.”  

I could hear the Universe, raise its hands and say, “Hallelujah! She got it.”


Sometimes, we can be very aware that certain contrasts are merely opportunities for growth and we accept them and move on. We don’t freak out. We accept it and deal with it. We’re able to say something like,  “Ok, this is happening, I’ll handle it it.”

But some contrasts make us curl up on the floor and crying, “Why is this happening to meeeeeee??!!”

Why do we do that?

Maybe it’s that whole…”we’re all in a work in progress” thing?


I want you to know this:

You will continue to experience the contrast throughout your whole life.
Acceptance and taking action are the fastest way to move out of the contrast and move back into what we do want - AND - remembering that it’s all temporary.  


Appreciation for the contrast, in the meantime, for the gifts it provides offers some serious relief. For realz, it’s preparing you for bigger and better...and MORE which we know we were made to always want: more money, more peace, more time, more love, more friends, more growth, more travel, more, more, more! It’s OK to never be satisfied, because you aren’t made that way.


Leah Carol - Washington DC Life Coach - you got this

“More” requires growth and growth requires the contrast.

Remember it’s temporary.
Say thank you.
Take action.


Let me know below what your “contrast” is below.  What are some ways you are making peace with it by accepting it? What lessons are you learning? I’d love to know!