This morning I got up early and I slayed a dragon.
I applied to be a Flywheel instructor. Flywheel is a spin studio. I've hated spin my entire life but I love this place for many reasons. Here in DC, we have 2 studios, one with 62 bikes and one with 73. It's big to say the least. 

I was on the fence for a couple of weeks about actually applying and couldn't figure out why I was hesitating, so I decided to know, to see if something came up while getting everything OUT on paper. After about 15 minutes of writing, the only reason I had was fear. 

What if you suck Leah?
What if no one likes your music? 
What if in a studio of 73 bikes only 14 people sign up?
What if you end up hating it? You finally like spin, don't screw it up!
What if...
What if...
What if...

You know this voice... the gremlin. Author, Mike Dooley calls them dragons. He says when you confront the dragons and take action despite them, you are really slaaaaaaying them, one at a time.

If fear of being embarrassed or people not liking me were my only reasons, I only had one choice. I knew what I had to do.

Slay the dragon.

Nothing good happens when we allow our gremlins (or dragons) to rule our lives. We don't grow. We don't reach new levels of awesomeness. We don't push our boundaries to see what we actually can accomplish.

We get one life here on earth and I truly believe that we are meant to personally grow as much as possible. We're here to do more than just dip our toe into the water. We're here to set sail and discover new lands, meet new people and challenge assumptions. We are here to slay dragons. 

I told my sister after I made the decision to apply and she said, "Send me the email when you're done. I'm going to hold you accountable." In that moment, she picked up a sword with me.  I couldn't back out now, I had a partner. I thanked her for holding me know, to make sure the dragon was really dead. 

I decided that anytime that fear was my only reason for not doing something, I have to do it. I mean, it's kinda exciting to think about what life would be like if we just slayed the dragon anytime it appears.

We'd say what was on our mind.
We would admit to our crush how we feel.
We'd ask for the raise or apply for jobs the dragon tells us we're not qualified for.
We'd start the business we've always wanted to start.  
We'd take that dance class we've been dying to take. 
We would finally take the vacation that we have been dreaming about for years.
We would be friggin' unstoppable! 

When I see my clients (or even friends!) slaying their own dragons, it is the most incredible high. Sometimes, I scream because I'm so excited.
It takes courage.
It takes drive.
It takes knowing that you can actually have and do whatever you want. 
It's possible.  You're no exclusion to the rule. 

So as your day, week, month progresses, I want to encourage you to recognize when something is a real threat versus a dragon. If you're unsure, journal about it. It helps.

When the dragon appears, slay it. Don't think about it. Just do it. 

2016 is just about over. How do you want to enter the new year? I say just start slaying now and get a head start on your year of fierceness!  

Seriously, how else do you think you rise to the top of your game and become a queen? 

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