I hit a roadblock last week and the gremlin in my head (the negative voice) went WILD which is why I thought it would be great to share it with you so you're able to get control of yours when it has suddenly run amuck. 


You didn't know you had your own personal gremlin did you?


Seriously, when it starts calling the shots in your head, the best thing you can do is recognize that it's doing so. Doing this essentially pulls the emergency break on the runaway train of disaster thinking in your mind.

( BTW How accurate is this picture-------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>)

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up for having a gremlin because we all have one. You are no better, no worse. You are not an exception to the rule. 

Once you hear it, just think of what your best friend would tell you, or what you would tell your best friend if the roles were reversed, AND SAY IT TO YOURSELF!

I've been reading a lot about self compassion and resilience lately and study after study show that those who are able to practice self-compassion are the ones who are the most successful because they are willing to forgive themselves for taking risks that didn't work out, or for laying it all out there and coming up short. They are able to bounce back way quicker and continue to move forward than those who wallow in self-pity.  They see it as learning, not a short-coming with themselves. It just makes sense if you think about it. 

Leah Carol - DC Life and Business Coach - gremlins

So if you truly want to be successful at ANYTHING, you've really got to love and accept yourself because if you don't, you'll be at the mercy of the gremlins and the gremlins want NOTHING to do with success.

You are awesome.
You are smart enough.
You are tough enough.
You are pretty enough.
You are talented enough.
You CAN do this.
Don't be afraid, be free.

 Gremlins don't just come out at Halloween

PS- If your gremlin is keeping you from living your best life, let me help you take it on. Together we'll fight the good fight and put it to bed, unleashing your ultimate badass self. 
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