Leah Carol Consultant

Every day we have to fight the lure of mediocrity.

It's easy.
    It's predictable.    
It's safe.

But you and I both know that isn't where the magic happens.

Mom and I on graduation day after receiving my Master's Degree

Mom and I on graduation day after receiving my Master's Degree

When I lost my mom (the love of my life) to leukemia, was really a core-shaking experience. It was a really sucky,  but one of the greatest gifts I got out of that experience was my discovery of time. Time became a very real thing for me and not in the hours and minutes sense. It was more in a way that life is made up of moments...moments of smiles, adventures and discoveries, belly laughs, bear hugs, bravery, love, of "a-ha moments" and... we aren't guaranteed any of them. 

I realized that life is short and everyday that goes by that we are not living as our best, most joyful, authentic selves, is a day wasted.

Those wasted days are what become our regrets.

Coulda...  Shoulda...  Woulda... 

I got really clear on what I wanted, quit my job, found a coach/mentor to hold me accountable, and completely changed the direction of my life's path. I honestly wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of my coach. The knowledge and accountability she provided to me was invaluable. 

Let me be your ally and see how your "maybe some day" possibilities unfold in front of your eyes now.

My coaching style could be described as "practical, yet, throw-everything-at-it." 
I know my stuff and I am dying to share it with you.
It's all possible - you just gotta move towards it. 



I have found your blog, social channel communication and overall, all suggestions to be super useful. You are 1. Honest 2. Speak to your own experiences 3. Not crazy fluffy.  - Amanda K.