Leah barn

Born a country girl with big dreams, an open heart and a voracious thirst for knowledge, I started my company, Love Monster, LLC, as a tribute to my mother, who taught me that life is "all about the love.”

I BELIEVE that each and every one of us has a unique part to play in this world and is, therefore, infinitely special and desperately needed. 
Yes, including you.

I BELIEVE that the moment you decide to embrace your truth (who you really are and what you want) and GO AFTER IT the ripple effect of positive change spreads throughout the world. 


From coaching sports since the age of 16 to attaining my Master’s in International Education to now owning my own coaching business, there has been one consistent theme throughout my life:
education and empowerment.

Along the way, I’ve learned a few lessons. 
I’ve learned that serving others and waking with a sense of purpose is one of the greatest feelings alive,
everything is temporary,  
love always wins and that anything is truly possible.

About leah

As your coach I’ll help you transform your "maybe one day" possibilities into reality.  We’ll do this by getting really clear on what you desire (even if you’re not quite sure yet) evaluate where you are and any current barriers are - real and imagined -  define your next best steps and establish measurements of success.

I know my stuff and am DYING to share it with you.

A client once remarked to me that my coaching was the "wild card" in his thought process. I think it's a good description of how I work.
I like to challenge what "is," and what "makes sense" with "why not?!."


“I have found your blog, social channel communication and overall, all suggestions to be super useful. You are 1. Honest 2. Speak to your own experiences 3. Not crazy fluffy.”  - Amanda K.



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