Your time to dramatically improve your level of joy and happiness.
Your time to put yourself first.
Your time to feel a greater sense of connectedness to the world around you. 
Your time to step into your ideal self. 

No matter if you are the busiest person alive, struggle with low self-confidence or have NO CLUE where to start, YOUR TIME begins now.  



Have you ever said to yourself...
“There’s got to be more to life than this.”
“I just want to make a difference in the world.”
“I really need to get my life together.”



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It’s no secret that "life balance" and fulfilling inner passions often get pushed to the side because of the day-today demands of life.

Everyday there’s seemingly another distraction or reason to put ourselves last. This typically results in feeling of inadequacy and lack of fulfillment because we know the true potential within us.

We know we could be, do and have so much more - if we just had the time.


But the reality is a lot of hard working, talented individuals - many like you - are struggling because they’re simply spending too much time on the wrong things because they're disorganized, lack clarity and the tools to equip them with a success mindset. This leads them to scramble to make everyone else happy by saying “yes” to every project or social event that pops up, aimlessly search for "dream jobs" without knowing what it really looks like and spending their time and money in all the wrong places, hoping SOMETHING will give them the fulfillment and happiness they desire.  


But you'll notice that endless hours of being scatterbrained and “just trying to get through the day” isn’t getting the results you really want in life? It’s a deathtrap. It’s killing your spirit and creating massive burnout and and a lot of stress and anxiety.



No matter how good you think you are at handling your day-to-day tasks, no matter how times you get your nails done as part of your “self-care,” or how much money you make in your corporate job, you will never develop a life that is both fierce and fulfilled unless you are willing to dive deep within yourself and develop critical the self-awareness tools that provide you with the massive clarity needed. Without this level of clarity, you will never find the level happiness and fulfillment you desperately desire.

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I know it sounds simple, just get clear.

In reality though, most individuals have become so distracted both - willingly and unwillingly - therefore getting clear on desires, intentions, values and goals are seemingly impossible.

 If you truly want to thrive in the short AND long term, you must understand that self-mastery is the first step to living a life on your terms.

- why you do the things you do.
- how your habits have created your results.

- what you think shapes your reality.


Eventually, everyone seeking happiness and fulfillment comes to the same realization:

Self-awareness and the discipline to practice developing successful habits and routines are required skills
- yes, I said skills! -  
if you want to live a fierce and fulfilled life.

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I know this because developing these skills have helped me grow a thriving business where I’m able to impact lives around the world, deepen my relationships with friends and family while creating new meaningful ones with like-minded individuals, and create a life filled with joy and purpose everyday, a life where I wake up giving thanks for another day that I get to “Live the Dream.”

After experiencing life blow after life blow for a solid five years, self-awareness was the one skill that has provided me with the most clarity as to my next best step. Self-awareness never fails to direct me in the right direction.

Each day, I’m able to take clear and decisive action that keeps me advancing in the direction of my best self. I’ve massively reduced my stress and worry by learning to focus on the things I can control in my life versus what I can’t - and WOWZA! What a difference a shift in perspective can make!


Imagine for a second...

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  • Waking up with purpose and passion everyday

  • Never feeling stuck or confused about what you should do next

  • No longer experiencing feelings of mediocrity

  • No more sleepless nights worrying about "getting it all done"

  • Never feeling guilty over a "should"

  • Feeling like you are truly coming alive and living your best life

  • Achieving even greater success in areas that you are already rockin' in



You know it's time to take things to the next level, but you're not sure how best to do it. Sometimes it just takes an outsider's perspective to see what it is lacking and to identify areas for growth. That additional insight and shift in perspective can take moments but make a huge difference in your life.


Over the years I’ve had the privilege of guiding and teaching others to do the same, diving into themselves to find the clarity and comfort they seek while striving for bigger goals.

Repeatedly, I’ve seen the one thing that can demolish someone’s otherwise strong desire for clarity and change is the lack of self-awareness.

It kills me because it is such a foundational attribute: Know Thyself. I believe in the power of people to change their life for the better and want nothing more than for aspirational and hard-working people to thrive.

It’s exactly why I created this program. I wanted to provide the guidance and support to others that is not only delivered in a systematic, fool-proof way, but also one that is filled with love and an appreciation for your unique strengths, talents and perspective.

Enter Fierce and Fulfilled

This 90-day program is for individuals who seeking to up-level all areas of their life; individuals who have big dreams but no plan to achieve them; individuals who are exhausted and overwhelmed trying to keep up and please others; individuals who are ready to fully understand and master themselves, understanding their innate talents so they can live a happy, fierce and purpose-filled life.

Fierce and Fulfilled is a one-on-one coaching program designed to get you into your zone of happy, uncovering the fiercest and most authentic version of you - FAST.

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  • You're ready to get your "Happy" back

  • You're tired of playing it small and just getting by

  • You sense a huge unrealized potential in yourself and an extraordinary level of success you can achieve

  • You're tired of watching everyone around you go after big things wishing you could do the same 

  • You seek more balance in your life to do the things you actually want to do and spend time with the people whom are most important to you

  • You're ready take a good life and make it a GREAT LIFE


1. How to Think and Create New Beliefs about Yourself
Everything starts with a thought. When we learn how our brains work, why we think the things we do and why we act the way we act, we can begin to rewire the areas that are not beneficial to our self-growth. When your mindset shifts, everything in your life shifts.

2. Setting Goals That Stick
There's a simple reason so many goals are set but rarely achieved. Together, we'll unlock the simple formula to ensure that your goals are fool-proof. Get ready for success!

3. Stress Management and the Importance of Mindfulness
Yeah, everyone seems to be meditating today, but it's not the only stress reliever out there (although it's a really good one!) You'll learn multiple tactics you can use preventatively and in the moment, to keep the stress at bay.

4. How Organization Plays a Critical Role in Your Success
Together, we'll get you super organized not only in your physical environment, but more importantly how to make your values a priority on your calendar. 

5. Achieving a More Sexy, Confident, Healthy You
The role our physical health plays in our ability to perform at high levels, handle our day-to-day duties and how we feel about ourselves cannot be understated. We'll evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to your health and exercise habits and amplify what's working and transforming what's not. 

6. Attaining "Life Balance"
It's possible...if you know what it looks like.

7. Taking Your Relationships to Another Level
How open and honest are you in your relationships - including the one with yourself? Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable, set healthy boundaries or courageously speak up when needed? Together, we'll find the holes in your relationships and create meaningful, action steps to fill them, building massive self-confidence along the way. 

8. Personal Fulfillment and Passions
When we pursue our passions, we are doing our life's work. Nothing is more fulfilling. Together, we'll dive into your passions - discovering them first if we have to - and develop ways to incorporate them into your life. We (the world!) needs you and that special "thing" only you have. 

Get Started Today!

Choose the plan that works for you

Two Payments of $1725  
One Payment of

(best value)

"It all started with a chance conversation, but over several sessions she listened, developed a picture of who I was and what I was trying to accomplish, and then - with unrelenting enthusiasm - started pressing my buttons to get me off my ass and into the gym, off of TV binges and into preparation for job interviews, off of work and out on a date! You get the idea...
We should be able to do this ourselves, right?! Suuure... if you are enlightened enough to step outside your mind and body and stop believing your own lies. For the rest of us there is coach Leah :) "  
- A. K.
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Leah Carol - Washington DC - Life Coach - Jump for joy
"Leah has a spark and magnetism that isn’t easy to find. She pushes me to explore celebrate the peaks and to brave the pits. - Emily F.   
"Leah listens with a full heart in order to offer guidance. Her coaching cuts through the noise and leaves no room for excuses. She helped me build up a powerful morning routine I slowly working on habit formation and then learning how to stick to it. Now I'm set up for success!” - Rebecca B.
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"Working with Leah has been amazing! As soon as we started working together, she totally changed the way I think about happiness and achieving my goals. She has challenged me to get out of my own way and has been my cheerleader on victories big and small. Leah has been the positive force that I needed." - Angela M. 

"Leah has honestly been one of the biggest positive impacts in my life. I can't thank her enough. Not only has she giving me hope for my future by teaching me how to handle my emotions and everyday problems but she has also shown me new ways to live and think about the situations life has thrown at me. She's brought me so much comfort and closure and more importantly something I thought I lost - hope for my future." - Lara B. 
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How much longer are you willing to wait for your "ship to come in"? 

How much longer are you willing to deny there's something greater in you?

How much will it cost you in the long run by NOT taking action now?


Enrollment is rolling, but I a limited number clients at at time to ensure my clients are given the time they deserve.
Stop waiting and start making some massive changes today!
You have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN!

It's time to get off the sidelines, my dear.
It's time you refuse to sit back another day watching life go by.
It's time you got HONEST with yourself and stopped hiding in the shadows. 

This is YOUR TIME.


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